Tom & Dewey with Ollie the Boxer.
I really cant say enough about Cathy & Mike. We rescued a most likely abused 1 year old boxer, Ollie, who
had fear aggression issues. We were lost before we came upon them with little hope of what to do. Mike &
Cathy, who are as passionate and dedicated to animals as you can be, helped us understand our dogs
behavior. Through understanding his behavior, they were able to teach us confidence and discipline in
helping him heal and trust again. We have learned to help Ollie feel comfortable, safe, and loved in his
surroundings. We have seen a monumental difference in Ollie since we started with the training center. They
also have taken care of Ollie and Bailey (our other Boxer) for weeks at a time when we have had to travel.
Saying they take great care of them would be an understatement. We trust them and their extensive
knowledge of canine behavior whole heartedly. We would recommend their training classes or pet sitting
services 100% to anyone who truly loves their dogs.

June 08, 2009 by Tom Reen in Forestdale, MA
Jim & Kelly with Eli & Luna
"Professional, Passionate, To Put It Simply The BEST..."

Our baby Eli, now 10 years old, as a puppy had some concerns with anxiety and aggression towards people.  
My husband and I were beside ourselves, but with Cathy's help, advice and training, we worked through Eli's
issues to find the sweet side inside of him.  
We recently acquired a new puppy Luna, she is the absolutely cutest.  We decided to do an in house training,
a so called "puppy boot camp" for one week with Cathy and her son Michael, followed by group classes.  My
husband and I couldn't have been happier.   
Eli our 10 year old 95 lb Black Lab mix, and Luna our 6 month old 35 lb Boxer mix, are our pride and joy and
we owe it mostly in part to Cathy and Michael at Cape Cod All Breed Dog Training!

Kelly & Jim
Marstons Mills, MA  

Laura with Maggie

Cathy and her son Mike are GREAT with dogs! My small dog has a history of aggression and they are helping
me to make her into a safe family dog. They kept her for one week, and when I picked her up she was a
different dog! Not to mention, she was clean and shiny and happy! My dog LOVES Cathy, and I can tell that
Cathy really loves my dog. We are budgeting to keep her in as long as possible, and then go back often for

Another great thing about Cathy's center- they have agility equipment to really work a dog's brain. We finally
found something my dog enjoys and is good at!

Keep up the good work, Cathy and Mike!

August 03, 2009 by Laura in Mashpee, MA

Brian & Lila with Bruno

We got a bulldog because we thought he would be a lazy couch potato. Boy were we wrong. I ended up with
an absolute bully I had little control over. I left Bruno with Mike and Cathy for two weeks to learn basic
obedience and to deal with his aggressive behaviors. During the private lessons and group lessons that
followed, Mike and Cathy taught my girlfriend and I how to read Bruno and ultimately control him. What
resulted was a happier dog who now loves to work for me and knows whats expected of him. His obedience
is excellent and he socializes well on and off leash. I'm 100% satisfied with the approach Mike and Cathy
take toward their animals an towards training me!

Brian and Lila

Sean & Janet with Milo       

Just as our Pit bull rescue Milo was approaching 2 years old, he was developing aggressive tendencies.  We
knew little about his past but we did know that he was abused and was in very bad shape when we adopted
him.  However, his behavior didn’t give us any problems until earlier this year.  We had gone through two
trainers and a third that wouldn’t take Milo on as a client.  Thank goodness we came upon Cathy and Mike’s
website because they were our last hope.  We were skeptical at first but after leaving Milo with them for 2
two weeks and seeing great progress, we were beyond ecstatic.  Although the decision to leave Milo for
another 3 weeks was difficult, we knew that it was necessary for we believed that Cathy and Mike would be
able to get him on his way to becoming a well-balanced dog.  

They were willing to go outside the box and do whatever it took to first desensitize Milo from fearing
everything and then reinforcing basic obedience.  In addition to training Milo, they also helped us recognize
what we were doing wrong and to overall, become better pack leaders.  Milo is now a happier and more
confident dog, able to be around dogs that he would have probably wanted to attack and even allowing
different people/strangers to handle him in the training classes.    

Cathy and Mike are committed to us and our dog more than we could have hoped for and we are so very
grateful to them for saving Milo.  Unlike other trainers, we feel that they truly do care for their clients and
would do anything possible to help.  Milo absolutely LOVES them too!

Sean & Janet

Sandy with Moxie
 We adopted terrier mix dog named Moxie with 3 legs from the local pound.  At the time we were told she
would do best in a home with no small children and no other dogs, not a problem we thought.  She did not like
walking on leash and  went absolutely wild when she saw another dog.  

We tried a local trainer and his way of doing things did not sit well with us.  He seemed much to rough on dog
with 3 legs and insisted we try an e collar.   That was only a slight help and Moxie still would go crazy at the
sight of another dog.  

After hearing about Cathy we decided we had nothing to loose.  The first lesson as unbelievable, Cathy had
Moxie calmly walking with her dogs.  Cathy and Mike have showed us how to use the e collar properly.  They
have guided us through having her walk with other dogs and even showed us how to get a 3 legged dog to
walk on the treadmill.  

We now take her to the canal and local conservation areas with the knowledge we have gained.  Our only
disappointment is that we did not find them sooner.

Sandy 5/1/10

Julia with Fenway & Remy

In October of 2009 we committed to taking a deaf Australian Shepard puppy from a breeder. One of the
stipulations was that we would find a trainer who had trained deaf dogs. Incredibly the first trainer I called
was Cathy. After talking with her on the phone we decided to start training immediately. When the puppy
arrived in December, Cathy taught us how to use bait to teach Remy how to sit, down and stand. After a
month or so Mike and Cathy took Remy for a week of what we fondly referred to as " puppy boot camp".
Using hand signals and a vibrating collar they taught Remy how to sit, down, stay and come. Now when we
are in the backyard or a field and Remy is off leash all we have to do is use the vibrate mode on her collar
and she comes running! Mike and Cathy have been incredible teachers to my whole family. Now my five year
old daughter trains Remy during group class. It is a sight to see this little girl in complete control of a deaf

Thank you Mike and Cathy. We could never repay you for all you have done for us.

Julia, Jeff, Jagger and Jayden
American K-9   508-259-1911
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