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Client Information

Owner’s Name:  ________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  _______________________________________________________

Residence Phone:  _____________________  Day Phone:  _____________________

Occupation:  ________________________ E-mail address: _____________________

Dog’s Name:  ______________  Breed:  ___________  Age:  _______  Sex: _______

Is He/She altered:  ________  Who is Your Veterinarian:  _______________________

How Did You Hear of Our Training Center?

Yellow Pages         Newspaper          Vet          Kennel          Other ______________

Which Of The Following Problems Are You Experiencing With Your Pets Behavior?

Barking, Straying, Housebreaking, Biting, Jumping, Digging, Chewing, Aggression, Not Coming,
Pulling on the Leash

What Do You Most Want To Accomplish With Your Pet?  ________________________

Have Your Trained Any Where Else?   Self         Professional       

Which Of The Following Specialty Training Events Would You Be Interested In?

Obedience Trials, Show, Field & Sporting, Search & Rescue, Herding, Tricks, Agility, Protection              

Please Note:
As a condition of applying to this training center I agree to hold harmless this establishment, it’s
employees, it’s clients and affiliates (Happy Tails & The Ultimate Dog) from personal injury and loss
due to the inherent risks of animal training.  I further authorize this establishment to bill me for unpaid
services over 30 days at  18% per year.  Any check that does not clear will be charged any and all bank
accrued fees.  I also acknowledge that there are no guarantees and no refunds, only credits will be
given and that this center may terminate my membership at any time for conduct that may convey a bad
image to this training center.  Cancellation of any private lesson or set appointment must be made
24hrs. in advance to avoid loss of lesson.  I have read and understand the above release of liability.

Signature:  ________________________________________  Date:  _____________

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Client Information Form
Client Information Form
Client Information Form
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